Waterstone Crossing

Waterstone was a townhouse renovation by Bill Woods.  He needed a website to advertise the real estate aspects of the development so he could sell them as they became available.  I worked with a photographer and graphic designer to put her ideas into web form.  I always thought it was a very well designed site.

As you hover over the thumbnails around the outside of the Waterstone Crossing sign photo, the photo changes to a full size version of the thumbnail.  Pretty cool at the time.  No Flash. All Javascript.  Worked with every known browser and didn’t blow up with updates.

All of my work uses the best practices to balance design, usability, browser compatibility and search engine friendliness.  Is friendliness even a word when used with search engines?  I guess it is now. 🙂  Anyway, sometimes it’s a difficult juggling act, but I can usually pull it off.

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