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So, you may have noticed, if you’re reading this on my site ( that it looks remarkably like a real website.  But, you say, “This is WordPress.  How can this be?”  🙂  Enough with the theatrics, huh?  One of the things I have found a real niche in is developing WordPress sites that integrate seamlessly into your current website, or that even replaces your current website.

Our portfolio has several examples.  Just hit the “Blogs” link in our portfolio list on the right side of practically any page on our site (

Some of the special features of my own site that might be of interest are:

  • The custom slideshow on the home page showing my portfolio. (It can be anywhere I choose to put it.)
  • The Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle and Email Share links on the top right.  (That plugin has many others, but I don’t have accounts with all of them.)
  • The “Share / Save” button that allows anyone to share the post via damn near any method they like, such as email, facebook, twitter, google reader…
  • A connection to my Facebook page that automatically cross-posts each and every blog post (like this one).
  • A rolling list of quotes.  In my case, they’re funny sayings.  Could just as easily be quotes from happy clients. (I have plenty of those, I just don’t bug them for reference quotes like I should.)

A couple things I haven’t added, but could, are ads, such as Google Adsense or Yahoo Ads to monetize the site and the ability to post to my blog via email, including images.  There are literally thousands of free and low cost plug-ins out there for WordPress, with more being written every day.  If you think you would like a blog, but you need some pretty specific features, or you just want it too look a certain way, but they don’t have a template that you like, let me know.  I can help!

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