Hire A Daughter – Eldercare

Hire A Daughter was  a cool idea an ex-eldercare provider had.  She had worked in memory care facilities and just didn’t like the lack of attention she was able to give the residents.  She decided to go out on her own and do in-home visits and respite care.  Unfortunately, the business never took off.  Maybe a little ahead of its time.  The website was really cute though.  🙂

Morning Glory Inn – Roseburg Oregon

Morning Glory Inn was a bed and breakfast way out in the country near Roseburg.  Right on the Coos Bay Wagon Trail, actually.  You could sit on the porch and practically hear the horse drawn wagons going  by full of kids with cholera and stuff.  (Just kidding on the cholera thing, but it was right on the Coos Bay Wagon Trail.)

The site was a pretty early one in my career, but the design was really good.  It had a small MySQL database for local activities that the owner took care of and another one for the Quilter’s Nook where she scheduled quilting parties.  Not really my cup of tea, but it was a cool little database.

The “Tour our beautiful Inn” link took you to a page with descriptions of the different rooms for rent and each room’s page had a full 360 degree virtual tour when those were really hard to do.  I know, any dummy with an iPhone can do them now, but back in the day it took expensive equipment and a lot of know how.

All in all, it was a fun little site.  I wouldn’t mind doing more of them, or even a hotel/motel website.  If you need one of those, definitely give me a call.  I can help.  Even if you have one of those funky corporate ones from your franchise.  They work great for some things, but they never capture the local flavor.

Goin’ Postal – Roseburg Oregon

Goin’ Postal and Copy Copy Shop is a locally owned franchise that does everything shipping related, like packing your packages, sending it by the best carrier, holding your mail, renting post office boxes…  All that stuff.  Copy Copy Shop, obviously, is a copy shop.  Color copies, zillions of them?  No problem.

One pretty cool thing I did custom for them was adding a Google search bar that you can paste any tracking number from any carrier into and Google will sort out who the carrier is and show you where it’s at.  Oh, two cool things.  The icons on the bottom of the picture have a hover over action.  When your mouse goes over them, a tool-tip-like window pops up telling you about the service you’re hovering over.  Pretty slick.

I also gave them custom email addresses that customers can send documents to be printed.  Nothing amazing there, but some of those documents can be HUGE.  My server handles it no problem and I was able to give him a disk quota big enough to not run out of space after a few of those HUGE files.

If you need to ship your Christmas gifts, or anything really, I highly recommend Dave at Goin’ Postal.  He’s local and he’ll do a good job for you at a fair price.  Much better than the UPS Store.  None of the money you give them stays local.  That’s bad.