Single Property Websites

I received an email from a real estate client a couple weeks ago asking about a website for a single property she has listed for sale.  Single property websites used to be labor intensive and difficult to make right.  With WordPress, all things become easier.  I was able to give her a well designed, nicely laid out and fully responsive website for next to nothing in a very short timeline.  Probably not something you would want to do for every listing, but for those higher dollar listings, it’s a great way to make the seller feel like you’re doing everything you can to market their home!

Don’t be shy if you would like to talk about doing one, or even having me set you up to be able to do an unlimited number of single property sites.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You can reach me at

Here’s what this one looks like…  You can also see the site at

Portfolio Ketchup (or is that Catch Up?)

I’ve been horrible about adding new projects to my portfolio for, I don’t know, maybe 2 years?  There’s no end in sight to being too busy to get it all updated, so I’m going to do one monster post with a ton of sites and very minimal descriptions.  Then, I’ll try to be better about adding them as I finish them.  So, here we go…

Melrose Elementary School

Melrose Elementary

This is the school where my kids actually outgrew going to school about 4 years ago now.  This was kind of a fun one.  Lots of good content for the parents and a fun little theme that’s kid friendly.  Much of the work I did on it ended up being copied by the district webmaster and used on the district website.  Sort of a compliment, I guess…

Phoenix School

Phoenix School

This is a high school in Roseburg, Oregon for kids who have had trouble in a standard public school.  I was approached by one of the administration (Sorry, I can’t actually remember which one) to put together a theme based on their school mascot.  Came out pretty good.  Not sure if they ever actually used it, but it was a fun one to work on.


South Umpqua Real Estate

South Umpqua Land Company

South Umpqua Real Estate was one of those clients who call you, set up a meeting, hire you, write you a deposit check, bug you for the initial design, then fall off the face of the Earth.  l honestly have no clue what happened.  I called and emailed them, but never got a reply after they told me how much they loved the design.


Gloria Loupy – Realtor

Gloria Loupy

Gloria Loupy was a realtor who worked for a pretty big regional brokerage. In the middle of development, she suddenly jumped ship and went to a different company.  The site was basically finished, but she never got to use it.  Bummer, really.  It’s a pretty nice, simple design.


Gorden Hanks – Realtor

Gorden Hanks

Gorden is a buddy who needed a website. I did this for him late one night after a few too many beers. We never used it, but I always liked it.

BSA Pack 235

BSA Pack 235

Ok, I’m a little guilty on this one.  It was my kids’ Cub Scout Pack.  And I was the Cub Master.  I still think I did a pretty nice job on it though.  


Ok.  That’s enough for this post.  I guess I’ll do a bunch kind of like this.  That way I don’t spend the whole weekend on this little catch up project.

Integrity Team Real Estate Services

Integrity finally got tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month for a cookie cutter website that looked just like everyone else’s.  When I met with Janet she was looking for something to make her stand apart from the competition.  As a successful real estate broker she had been meticulous in the design of her business cards, her signs, her new office in downtown Roseburg.  She wanted clean lines, classy, something that would really catch the eye.  I think I did a pretty good job.

What you’re seeing above is the listing details page for one of Janet’s listings.  I’ll tell you about a few of the cooler features of the site.

  • At the top, you’ll see “About the Company”, “Local Events”, and “Local Info / Links”.  All three of those pages are self managed by Integrity.  They have an administrative back end (custom built by me) that they log into to add or edit content for those pages.
  • The photo at the top right of the stream is actually a photo slideshow.  They can place any number of photos in the slideshow and each time a page loads the slideshow grabs a number of them and starts displaying them with a nice fade in/fade out transition.  I limited the number of slides so that the page didn’t take forever to load.  More pictures = more time to download.  As it is, the page loads quickly, but you get a seemingly random slideshow each time.  Pretty cool.
  • The menus are actually what is known as a Mega-Menu.  Most of the links are pretty normal, but if you roll over “Meet The Team” you see a dynamically generated grid of brokers.  The list is created from the database which, you guessed it, Integrity has full control over.  They add/edit/remove brokers on the fly.  Each broker profile has space for a photo, contact information, social networking links and all the normal stuff.  The broker profile page also shows each broker’s listings and, at some point, will also show blog posts for that particular broker.
  • The blog.  Ok.  Janet knows that the real value to a real estate broker is the knowledge in their head.  She wanted to be able to share that knowledge as well as boost her Google ranking, so we integrated a custom WordPress blog with the same design as her website.  The benefit to having it all together is that I can grab posts from a given category, tag or author and display them anywhere I like on the website.  Hence the statement above about showing blog posts on broker profile pages.  It’ll be super cool once the brokers really start posting.
  • The slideshow of photos is pretty cool.  Nothing overly special that you don’t see every day, but the thumbnails are squared off and outlined and move along with the main photo.  Oh, and the buttons are styled to match the rest of the site.  Nice, but not rocket science.
  • The listing data is obviously pulled automatically from the RMLS using my IDX feed.  No rocket science there either.  If you have a real estate website and you’re not utilizing some form of IDX you should really pull your head out of the sand and join the 20th century.
  • The map.  This is totally cool.  On the left you see a list of 10 listings of similar price and size (beds/baths/sqft) within a predefined radius. As you hover over the entries on the left, the photo and listing info on the right change as does the map.

So, lots of cool features.  All custom coded and pieced together to fit Janet’s vision of what she wanted a website to be.  I can do the same thing for you.  Just give me a call and we can talk.

Waterstone Crossing

This was a website done for a single property.  Not that unusual these days, but back in 2005, it was almost unheard of.  Jennifer Cramer with Prudential here in Roseburg came to me when her client, Bill Woods, expressed an interest in thinking outside the box a bit.  We worked together to put this site together and I think it came out great!  Heavy on design it really showcased the features of the townhouses they were selling.

Since then I have done several other websites for Bill and Jennifer, including, and  I’m sure there are a couple more, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what they are.  I think I’m getting old or something.  🙂

Douglas County Million Dollar Club

The Douglas County Million Dollar Club is another long term client for me.  I did their first website for them in about 2004, I think.  Prior to that they were strictly print advertisers.  A database driven website that gets all their names and contact info out there seems like a no brainer.  🙂

The site is pretty basic.  Just two pages.  One for the brokers, the stars of the show, and a second for the affiliate members, like me.  Hopefully the broker members see a value in having their names out there.  I know that I have enjoyed working with all of them over the years.

** UPDATE **

Ok, so, the design above is pretty old.  It was cool when I did it, but bold colors and stuff just aren’t the current style.  When we were working on this year’s update the new president of the club asked me if we could update the look.  Here’s what we came up with.  Pretty nice, I think.  They think it’s WAY nice.

Most of the basic functions are the same as the original site.  The “Featured Member” is updated each day automatically so each member gets equal time.  The mortgage rates come from a plugin from an industry website that does mortgage rates.  No rocket science.  Just a nice update.

Century 21 The Neil Company Real Estate

I took over development or The Neil Company in about 2005 or 2006.  Since then I’ve done 3 total redesigns.  Franchises like this are a challenge because you have to take the client’s wishes for design and make it work within the legal constraints of the marketing guidelines of the parent company.

Along with all the normal IDX stuff, Neil Company also wanted to be able to add/edit/delete broker bios from their website on their own.  As time went on, it morphed from a very basic name, phone, email and bio to social networking icons, a property list along with the bio info, multiple contact numbers and so on.

I have also integrated a custom WordPress blog to help them with their search engine ranking.  Neil posts a helpful real estate related article a couple times a week and, voila, they’re ranked much higher in Google.

The latest iteration of their site includes some pretty cool features like accordion menus, Google maps showing other similar listings within a certain distance of the listing you’re looking at, mortgage and tax information on each listing and integration of a special C-21 lead router deal that lets them track email leads from their website and print ads.

All in all a pretty cool site for a very cool client.

** UPDATE **

Neil Company has had a custom WordPress blog as part of their site for quite a while now, but it was a little bit like a red-headed step child.  Didn’t look like the rest of the family (site) and always kind of bugged me.  Well, last week they contacted me about adding a second blog to the site for commercial investing articles.  I took the opportunity to create a child theme for a WordPress framework.  What that means is that I created a theme that looks identical to their website, then, since it’s a child theme, was able to copy it to their original blog (Neil’s Blog) so now both blogs look exactly like the rest of the website and everything is pretty again.  I’ll be able to sleep at night now.

This is the blog.  Just in case you want to see it.  Oh, shoot.  The photo above is actually one design ago.  The current site looks just like this.  Trust me.  🙂

All Oregon Real Estate

This was a kind of cool site because it had so much design work associated with it.  The broker wanted some largish (I say largish because, at the time they were big, but these days they’re pretty small) as a backdrop for the whole site.  All in all, not a big deal, but in order to see as much of the photo as we could, I had to make the area that main body of the site went in semitransparent.  Again, easy these days.  Not so much back then.

All Oregon Real Estate is no longer a viable company, but for several years they received many compliments on their website.  It was a fun one for me.

My first international website!  🙂  I actually did this a couple years ago and it’s gone through a couple different iterations.

The condo is owned by a friend of mine who lives in San Diego, but bought a condo in Loreto Mexico on the Baja Peninsula.  She needed a site that would show the beauty of the area, the amenities of the condo and allow perspective people to request more information and even make reservations.  I took a pretty basic open source calendar program, tied it to a database that would show a different background color for days that the condo was booked and allow the owner the ability to manage reservations from a back end web page.  Pretty slick, really.  I’ve used a similar system for a reservations system for

All State Real Estate

All State Real Estate called me in a bit of a panic.  They had had two different local web guys work on a new design for their website.  Between the two, it had been almost a year.  Then, suddenly, their email was down and they couldn’t search listings, or even show their own.  Big problem for a real estate company.

I was able to give them the design they wanted, email that actually worked and full RMLS listing search within a week.

Some other cool features I was able to give them are:

  • The ability to add/edit/delete brokers from their office rosters.
  • The ability to add/edit/delete branch offices.
  • A custom, database driven page for each of their branch offices that shows a map with a link to directions, the office’s featured listings and contact information for the principal broker.
  • Dynamic Quick-Link pull down menus for getting to a branch office’s page, or a specific broker’s page.
  • A property management section with the ability to add/edit/delete listings that include photos and all the normal rental information.
  • A for sale by owner section that lets users upload FSBO listings that can be seen by anyone who views the All State website.

If you are a broker working all on your own, or an office with a whole bunch of brokers, I can build you a site that fits our specific needs and budget.  I’m happy to help.