Portfolio Ketchup (or is that Catch Up?)

I’ve been horrible about adding new projects to my portfolio for, I don’t know, maybe 2 years?  There’s no end in sight to being too busy to get it all updated, so I’m going to do one monster post with a ton of sites and very minimal descriptions.  Then, I’ll try to be better about adding them as I finish them.  So, here we go…

Melrose Elementary School

Melrose Elementary

This is the school where my kids actually outgrew going to school about 4 years ago now.  This was kind of a fun one.  Lots of good content for the parents and a fun little theme that’s kid friendly.  Much of the work I did on it ended up being copied by the district webmaster and used on the district website.  Sort of a compliment, I guess…

Phoenix School

Phoenix School

This is a high school in Roseburg, Oregon for kids who have had trouble in a standard public school.  I was approached by one of the administration (Sorry, I can’t actually remember which one) to put together a theme based on their school mascot.  Came out pretty good.  Not sure if they ever actually used it, but it was a fun one to work on.


South Umpqua Real Estate

South Umpqua Land Company

South Umpqua Real Estate was one of those clients who call you, set up a meeting, hire you, write you a deposit check, bug you for the initial design, then fall off the face of the Earth.  l honestly have no clue what happened.  I called and emailed them, but never got a reply after they told me how much they loved the design.


Gloria Loupy – Realtor

Gloria Loupy

Gloria Loupy was a realtor who worked for a pretty big regional brokerage. In the middle of development, she suddenly jumped ship and went to a different company.  The site was basically finished, but she never got to use it.  Bummer, really.  It’s a pretty nice, simple design.


Gorden Hanks – Realtor

Gorden Hanks

Gorden is a buddy who needed a website. I did this for him late one night after a few too many beers. We never used it, but I always liked it.

BSA Pack 235

BSA Pack 235

Ok, I’m a little guilty on this one.  It was my kids’ Cub Scout Pack.  And I was the Cub Master.  I still think I did a pretty nice job on it though.  


Ok.  That’s enough for this post.  I guess I’ll do a bunch kind of like this.  That way I don’t spend the whole weekend on this little catch up project.

Music on the Half Shell

FINALLY!  After about 3 years of talking to the Half Shell Committee about taking over the website, I have it.

If you’re not from Roseburg, OR, Music on the Half Shell (MOTHS) is a local deal where live bands play in a half-shell erected in a local park (Stewart Park).  The concerts are free to the public and are usually pretty popular.  Sometimes to the tune of (excuse the pun) 9,000+ people.  Kind of  a big deal.

Anyway, the original website was done by one of the sponsors who also does the posters and much of the printed materials.  While they do an awesome job on the printed materials, the website just wasn’t being maintained the way it deserved.  Anyway, they made me the offer and I jumped on it.  Fun website to work on.



What I’ve done so far is to use the artwork from Creative Images (great artwork, by the way) and build the website around it.  Or, to be more specific, on top of it.  The home page has an accordion script that shows the current season’s shows in a pretty cool way and links to a concert details page with links to the artist’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed.  There is also a button to create a downloadable .ICS file so you can import the concerts into your electronic calendar.  

This last weekend I also added a F.A.Q. to answer some of the most common questions that come up, like Can you bring your own food? and When do the concerts start?  

Upcoming work is to get the list of vendors (food mostly) and sponsors on the website (just waiting on those lists) and a few other upgrades like making the website responsive so that it works on mobile devices as well as your desktop computer and possibly adding a text message option so you can opt-in to receive text reminders of upcoming concerts.  Pretty cool stuff, I think.

So, check out the website, come to a concert and have a great summer!  

Oh, and let me know if there’s anything you would like to see on the website.  I want to make it useful for the community at large. 

Winston Area Community Partnership

This is actually the second version of this website.  When I did the first, they didn’t have much budget and didn’t really know how much they would use their website.  They asked for a pretty static site and, to be honest, WordPress hadn’t really become a functional Content Management System yet.  After having a website for a few years they had a much better idea what they wanted and how they could use it.  I sat down with them, listened to their needs and we decided that WordPress was definitely the answer.  I was able to customize a template so it looked very much like their old site (a design they really liked) and gave them the flexibility they needed to be able to add pages, change text and even manage their own events list and calendar.

They’ve been using this site for about a year now and have had no issues with managing events, editing text or adding photos to slideshows in posts and on pages.  I consider this site a real win.

Umpqua Community College Foundation

The UCC Foundation wanted a website where they could send students to fill out scholarship and grant paperwork.  The main idea was to allow the students to fill out their criteria information online, then have a way to export the information so the Foundation folks could sort and look at the information in a more useful way.  In the past, they had to take paper applications and type the criteria information into a spreadsheet.  Very time consuming when you have several hundred applicants and 60-75 criteria each.

I was able to give them a custom database application that gives them one or two click access to all the information they need.  One button exports all the student criteria into a spreadsheet.  Saved hours and hours of time.  Another button prints all 450+ applications (3000+ pages) in a single click.

Upgrades planned for next year include the ability to convert all the applications back into a PDF that includes a couple documents the students upload into the system and a way to send only specific applications to the printer, as distinct files, that can be stapled and hold punched automatically.

Pretty cool deal, really.  A lot of work went into it and the client was pretty thrilled with the results.


Winston Area Community Partnership

Work included a redesign for the local non-profit The Winston Area Community Partnership.  I did the original redesign a few years ago, but times change and they needed the ability to update their website more often and without having to budget for it.  What I did for them was create a custom WordPress blog with their design and some special plugins that allow them to manage an event list and calendar.  They also have the ability to place slideshows anywhere they like and create both static pages as well as post to their blog.  Pretty slick, really.  Even if I do say so myself.  🙂

Winston Area Community Partnership Redesign

MoVelocity.org – A site for a movement!

MoVelocity.org is a site that I have enjoyed being a part of quite a lot.  For those who don’t know, it’s a free site started by a local group whose only goal was to get people up and moving.  The site, in idea, is very simple.  Allow people to log in, post exercise or other activities they do (Yard Monkey is my favorite), convert those activities to miles and try to get enough people doing it to reach 1,000,000 miles.  On the back end, it’s not really all that simple.  There is a lot of calculating and database work taking place behind the scenes.

MoVelocity.org has been gaining miles very slowly lately.  Not sure why.  Perhaps people have forgotten about it.  We’re nearing 680,000 miles, but an article in the News Review some time about a man walking across the USA kind of got me thinking about it again.  I emailed the man and he said he would be happy to talk to MoVelocity about letting us track his movements across the USA.  I’m hoping that we’ll get a reciprocal link with his site and, as he progresses on his trip and talks to people all across the land, we get more members and finally hit that million mile mark.

You should check the site out.  There’s nothing to buy.  Only motivation to go.