Rick needed a site refresh in a bad way.  He also wanted to be able to update his website in house and needed to be found on Google.  His old site was somewhere around page 14 on Google and used bright, vibrant colors and, well, didn’t work.  Logins that lead to nowhere.  Pages dedicated to a single line of text.  Just odd and didn’t really fit his style.  I met with him and a couple of his office people and we decided the best option for him was a WordPress website with a custom design.

Going off his business card and a tri-fold pamphlet I was able to customize a WordPress theme to fit his needs and style.  Subtle blues and grays, his logo, a classy font…  He also has the ability to add pages, post tips for his clients and edit everything down to the size and color of text.

Oh, and 3 weeks after launching he showed up on the first page in Google.  Pretty impressive considering all we did was move his old content over to a fresh design.  Google obviously LOVES WordPress.  I think I do too.  What can I say?  I’m a fan. 🙂

Greg Russell Loans

Greg Russell is a local guy who makes property loans to people who can’t probably go to a bank.  His site needed a clean, professional look and needed to come up in Google.  I think the design I came up with fit the bill.  Pretty basic on tech.  No databases or scripting to speak of.  Easy to navigate and get the information you needed though.


American Home Lending

This was my first PHP-based site.  Took me days and days to do what I can do in about 5 minutes now.  Gotta learn somewhere though, right?  The design is horribly dated by today’s standards, but back in 2003, or so, it was quite nice.  The PHP included a small database that let them update mortgage rates several times a day.  Again, pretty simple, but back then databases were for eBay and Amazon.  Not small town mortgage companies.  🙂


Valley Credit Service

This is a site I just finished.  It’s a custom WordPress conversion.  I know, I know.  I’ve done a bunch of them now.  This on had to include a way to embed a special client application served from a secure server inside the WordPress framework.  Tech stuff aside, it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be and it came out great.

The site includes some of the basics, like custom background and header, highly modified WordPress theme, self-managed testimonials, some custom graphics and a secure contact form.  The client seems to really like it.  I hope their clients do too.


Consumer Credit Counseling of Douglas County

This is a site I did a long time ago.  Surprisingly, the design is still quite pleasing.  It’s pretty simple.  Static text, no databases.  Couple little scripts to grab a random testimonial and display it on the right side.  Oh, and some downloadable forms and legal information.

If you need some help, I highly recommend them.  They’re local and they care.