Herbert Lumber – Riddle Oregon

Herbert Lumber had recently lost their website to a server crash.  Scary.  Especially since their host didn’t have a backup.  When I talked to them they were trying to figure out how to get a website back up that they could back up and maintain themselves.  Hmmmm.  What do I have that would work for that?  Yep.  WordPress.

Herbert Lumber Company

It came out pretty well.  They had some of the original photos that they had used on the original site and even some of the content from the pages.  I was able to get a custom WordPress theme set up for them in a couple days and moved all their photos and content over in a few hours.  Now they have a site they can maintain, update and, most importantly, back up on their own.

Unfortunately, Herbert Lumber wasn’t the first client I had talked to that week who had lost their website to a server crash with no backups.  I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a way to back up a full WordPress installation with a single click from the Dashboard in WordPress.  I wrote a plugin that is available from WordPress that makes a backup of your entire database as well as your entire web root folder.  That means that if you have information on your website that’s not in WordPress, my plugin backs that up too.  Pretty cool, really.  One click makes the backup file, then shows you a link to it so you can download it to your local computer.  Then you just delete the backup file from the server and you’re good to go.  You can run the backup as often as you like.

If you have lost your website, or you’re not happy with the one you have, give me a call.  I’m sure I can help you put something together that will fit your needs, look great and be under budget.

Knoll Terrace – Canyonville Oregon

Knoll Terrace is a retirement community in Canyonville Oregon.  The owner lives on site and pretty well takes care of everything so the people who move in don’t need to.  Pretty cool website.  No real database integration or anything, but heavy on graphic design.  The maps are all customized from CAD drawings from the builder.  Lots of Photoshop work.

Knoll Terrace

The initial design was done by BBG Marketing.  I took over maintenance on the site a long time ago and a couple years ago Brian also asked me to optimize the site for Google and set up some Google Analytics as well as a couple AdWords campaigns.  It seems that he had originally set up AdWords 10 years ago when Google called him and hadn’t touched it since.  The world has changed a bit since then, so he wasn’t getting any traffic at all from his 10 year old campaigns.  Now he’s maxing out his daily budget by mid-morning pretty much every day with carefully qualified links.

Knoll Terrace is kind of like Fotan.  The employee list is incredibly short, so you always know who you’ll be talking to.  Call Brian if you’re 55+ and you want to live in the country.  Nice place.

Ginkgo Doors

Charlie makes awesome Arts and Crafts style doors!  What Charlie doesn’t do is make websites.  He needed someplace to point people from print ads he places in trade magazines.  The first thing he did was contact Gary Leif with Leif Photography here in Roseburg.  Once he had some clean, professional photographs he called me and I put together a very basic site that was exactly what he wanted.

Everything that’s important is one click away no matter where you are on the site.  The design is so versatile that he has even had me create most of his print ads to the magazine’s specs using the same general template.  That way, when someone sees and ad, they follow the link to his website and everything looks familiar.  It’s the latest trend.  Consistency in advertising materials.  Novel concept, I know.  🙂

Waterstone Crossing

Waterstone was a townhouse renovation by Bill Woods.  He needed a website to advertise the real estate aspects of the development so he could sell them as they became available.  I worked with a photographer and graphic designer to put her ideas into web form.  I always thought it was a very well designed site.

As you hover over the thumbnails around the outside of the Waterstone Crossing sign photo, the photo changes to a full size version of the thumbnail.  Pretty cool at the time.  No Flash. All Javascript.  Worked with every known browser and didn’t blow up with updates.

All of my work uses the best practices to balance design, usability, browser compatibility and search engine friendliness.  Is friendliness even a word when used with search engines?  I guess it is now. 🙂  Anyway, sometimes it’s a difficult juggling act, but I can usually pull it off.

AJD Engineering

This one was kind of a no brainer.  AJD is my brother, Allen.  When he needed a website for his engineering firm, who else would he call?  Even so, I didn’t want to just do something really simple for him.  I wanted to give him something trendy, cool and useful.  I think I did a pretty good job of it.

The drawing in the background is actually one of Allen’s.  I just took the Acad dwg file and did a little graphics work with it.  The slideshow uses Flash (I know, I know) but does it in a way that’s actually stable and doesn’t blow up every time Flash updates. (Can you tell I hate Flash?)

Also included is his resume and a link to contact him.  If you need something designed, he comes highly recommended.  Us Danskines are damn good at what we do.  🙂

Simply-Automated Home Automation Solutions

“The mission of Simply Automated is to be the leader in the research and development of simple, flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced solutions in the automation, lighting control and energy savings market – taking pride in being a customer friendly company that listens to our customers and provides optimum solutions for the marketplace. ”

When they need a new look, they came to me through a referral from an old friend. The design work was mostly done, but they needed to take the vision and turn it into a well thought out and easy to navigate website. Big site, lots of work. I had fun with it.