Website Design & Maintenance

Website Design

Design is probably the most important part of building a website. The design of a website should reflect a business’ or person’s style and personality. Our clients include artists, writers, Nascar drivers, make-up companies, real estate agents, schools, non-profit agencies–well, you get the picture. A cookie cutter template will simply not satisfy such a diverse group of business people. Fotan Web and Graphic Design will not only work closely with you to bring your vision to life and build a site that reflects who you are and what you offer, but I will deliver it on time and within budget.  

Website Maintenance

Although design is the most important part of building a website, maintenance is what keeps a website alive. A website needs to stay fresh to keep visitors interested and coming back for more. And, as we all know, return customers are the backbone of any successful venture. Fotan offers web maintenance as well as our design and development business. I bill hourly for maintenance with a half-hour minimum charge. If you have recurring updates I am happy to put together a maintenance package tailored to your specific needs; one that I am certain will keep those return customers coming back for more.  



I am the owner of the website that Matt and Fotan constructed. What seemed insurmountable to me - trying to sell 440 model airplane engines from a distance and marketing them worldwide - Matt made a reality. I provided Matt with the inventory in Excel format, all the photos, and various pieces of text. In two short face-to-face meetings over coffee, several emails with attached bits of website and a very short time, the website was launched the week of President's Day.To construct the website Matt converted the Excel file to a data base, attached about 900 photos to the proper entries for the engines, and then combined the text blocks into a splash page, an order form, how to order instructions and contact information. Matt selected the bright, easily-recognizable and thematic graphics for the background of the splash page. The data base also made it possible to build a small "sort" function that broke the large data base into smaller pieces for quicker viewing. All of these products came from Matt and his logical, practical, and creative skills.The website was an instant hit and became the poster child for model engine sales on the web. We have received many, many congratulatory comments on the way the website works, how easy it is to use, and how clean and uncluttered it is. The navigation is transparent and has been very easy for less-than-comfortable web users to use.Most importantly, the engines have sold. Another party who constructed her own site commented that we have sold more engines in five months than she sold her first year - and all at the listed prices. It pays to have your website be and look professional and attractive as well as easy to use. Matt made it happen for us, and you will enjoy working with him as much as we did.

— Bill Swift

Swift Engines