Self Managed Websites

If you can write an email or update the status on your Facebook page, you can manage your website.

I use WordPress, which was originally an open source (free) blogging software but has now transformed into one of the most powerful, secure and actively updated content management systems there is. There are also thousands of free plugins and themes giving you unlimited customization options.  I have developed websites using WordPress that feature photo slideshows, event management and calendaring, e-commerce including payment processing and product catalogs, custom mapping, newsletter integration, search engine optimization with analytics…  There’s even one site that has a full community forum embedded in it.  Very powerful.  The list goes on and on. While WordPress is more than just a blog, it’s also a very powerful blogging tool. Blogs are fast becoming one of the most powerful and popular ways to market your business and product or for disseminating information as quickly and cheaply as possible. They are completely customizable and are especially effective at presenting a more personal view of your business, the services you provide or the product you offer.



Matt listens to his customers needs and wants for their webpage design. He is very patient and quick to respond to your requests. It was a pleasure working with Matt.

— Melanie Prummer

Battered Persons' Advocacy